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We here at Superior Steel Service are dedicated to helping you make your steel needs a reality. Need a simple wall bracket? How about a galvanized wagon wheel? Maybe you think big like a whole hospital or a conservatory. Superior Steel Service is at your service. Whether you want galvanized, aluminum, carbon steel, we have that. Not sure what the best material might be? Talk to our certified engineers; they will give you some options that best suit your needs. Our skilled team will help you design, create, and build your dreams. Our staff of designers will take your vision to paper. Our fabricators will cut, weld, roll, and bring your project to life. Superior Steel Service offers a variety of manufacturing services. Want to add a pop of color or protective coating? We can do that. Our assembly crew then travels to your site for final construction. We work with you every step of the way on your schedule from conception to on-site tangibility. And since service is a part of our name, you can be assured that your project is our top priority.

Located in the Greater Cincinnati area, Superior Steel Service is a family run business with the ability to create on a world-wide scale. We have already fabricated dreams in several communities within the tri-state area and have even shipped finished products overseas. Our brand new 20,000 square foot facility is designed to build any size project you need. We are ready to provide you with detailed drawings, design options, competitive pricing, and complete start to finish service. Let us help you make your dreams of steel come true!

Our Work

Our team has worked with some of the following industries to help solve their steel needs: electric generating stations, aggregate mining businesses, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, food and beverage processing plants, waste treatment facilities, museums, conservatories, and sports arenas. We are glad to tackle commercial as well as industrial projects and have even done some government fabrications. Our erection specialties include: stairs, hand railings, platforms, mezzanines, structural steel, cage ladders, lintels, embeds, trusses, chutes, hoppers, and conveyors. Please don’t feel confined to those, though; we welcome new and interesting challenges. There is no project too small or too complex for us. Superior Steel Service is a member of the Better Business Bureau, ASCI, the American Welding Society, and the Building/Trades Association. As our name specifies, service is our number one concern; it is what sets us apart from all the rest.

Our Facility

Established in Batavia, Ohio, our new facility is gleaming with opportunity for you. Our huge 20,000 square foot structure is more than amble space to build the creation of your dreams. Our shop is equipped with leading steel manipulation technology equipment. We boast overhead cranes enabling our crew to work with materials over 20 tons in weight. There is a new state-of-the-art bandsaw that is fully automated and easy for our technicians to maneuver, thus enabling the most intricate of cuts for your project. Our hole punch depot provides up to 20 tons of muscle to go through the toughest of materials. When a hand drill is the better option; our drill terminal comes fully equipped to handle the situation. If roll bending is essential to your dream, our team is able to handle that with our roll bending station. Every craftsman’s workstation has a variety of saws, notch cutters and pipe benders at their disposal, thus moving your project along in a timely manner. There is no shearing or forming issue that we can’t accomplish. Once the bones of the work are complete, why not finish your creation off with a crisp coat of paint. Our shop can apply a variety of colors, coatings, and protection to keep your project pristine or make it pop. The possibilities are endless!

Our Skills & Expertise

Superior Steel Service focuses on customer needs. We offer a multitude of different services to move your project from visionary to reality. From the beginning, we will assist you with custom design work, engineering and detailed cost estimates for you. We can start from scratch or retro-fit an exciting piece. Need welding? We offer both in-house and on-site welding services. With our many saw choices, any cut, no matter how intricate, can be accomplished. Superior Steel Service can provide any type of steel you need for your creation. Want stainless? Galvanized? Carbon steel? We have those. Do you need something with some structural support? Our structural steel is on its way. After a complete custom fabrication to your specifications, we can finish off that creation with a custom coat of paint or protectant. Our paint shop even offers detailing for your design. Add a quick turnaround time, and you have an all-inclusive, customer-friendly experience.

Have an emergency situation? Superior Steel Service is on it. With our mobile units, we are able to be on your site to cut, weld, or fit a new piece in place.

At Superior Steel Service we can provide a multitude of services to move your creation from vision to reality.

Custom Design Work
Retro-fit Design Work
Project Engineering
Cost Estimates
New Construction
Emergency Repairs
Custom Fabrication
In-House Welding
On-Site Welding
Finish Painting
Project Detailing
Quick Turnaround Time

Superior Steel Service array of specialty fabrications include the following:

Hand Railings
Cage Ladders
Structural Steel
Custom Projects

Superior Steel Service has worked with the following industries to help meet all of their steel needs.

Electric Generating Stations
Pharmaceutical/Medical Facilities
Food and Beverage Processing Facilities
Waste Treatment Facilities
Sports Arenas
Government Facilities



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